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How We Help Dancers and Cheerleaders

The last 4 years I have been intensively involved in the space of cheer and dance. I can't say this was by choice, but through association. I have two daughters who decided to turn these activities into a passion. What I did not realize at the time, is that our family would be thrust into these two intense and sometimes unhealthy cultures. You see, I am a trained therapist and as much I try to turn my therapy mind off when I am not working.....I cant help myself.

I began to notice things and also experiences that these youth were having which were significantly affecting their mental health. These include but are certainly not limited to:

*pressure due to intense practice schedules and high demand

*constant comparison to others

*performance anxiety

*body image issues


*excessive criticism from others


*emotional responses to poor performances, injuries, or other disappointments

I not only observed these struggles in other youth but began to see my own children deal with these issues. And then COVID happened.....and things got worse. As a mental health leader I felt that it was my responsibility to do something and I could not do it alone. I put out an ad to see if anyone else was interested in helping these youth and I received an overwhelming response. I was able to hire a team of 4 amazingly qualified professionals with diverse expertise. These professionals include a mental health therapist, nutrition coach, and 2 performance coaches. We also created a magazine brand called InSPIRE that will specifically target each of the spaces.

There is some amazing work that is going to be done in these spaces. Watch out! Here we come.!! Click below for a link to the full magazine!!

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