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What is INSPIRE Health and Performance?

Performance coaching and therapy for athletes, business leaders, performers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to perform at their peak potential.

Inspire Health and Performance was created Jamie Glick, who operates as the founder and Lead Performance Therapist and Coach. As he paid more attention to the mental health and performance space, he began to notice gaps. One of the most significant gaps in the mental health space that he found was a focus by practitioners on deficits and the past. This lens would lead practitioners to practice "talk therapy" centered around decreasing symptoms and "processing" past trauma that often made little or no progress. In Jamie's work, he found that focusing on the areas where people have control leads to positive outcomes. This also led to a process of measuring progress based on increases and not decreases. Out of this work, he created the Spire of Performance.

What is the Spire of Performance?

The Spire of Performance is a proven model that guides a process of growth towards maximized potential. This method defines your performance areas and then utilizes a structured process to evaluate and set goals in six dimensions. The process is goal driven and action oriented.

Who does this help?

The short answer is ANYONE. All people have areas of their life where they want to bring their best self forward. For some people, these are specific performance areas such as athletics, business, and performing arts. For others, it may involve being a better parent, friend, or partner; or even focusing on self-improvement. We start with your goals and values and assist you to maximize your potential in those areas.

What is to come?

In the next few months, specialty performance teams are being formed who have expertise in a variety of spaces. These spaces include dance/cheer, high school athletics, business, Olympic sport and NFL athletes.

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