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Engaged in Healthy and Stimulating Spaces

People spend the majority of their time in 3-4 spaces. These typically include home, work/school, and a few other places. Your environment has a significant impact on your mental health and includes the physical space you occupy and the people you interact with every day. It is important to evaluate your spaces and adjust as necessary. For the spaces you have influence over, evaluate and make changes as necessary. If you do not have any influence of a space and after evaluation you realize that this space (people or environment) is detrimental to your mental health, you may have to make some difficult decisions about how much time you are spending there. Below are some questions that may be helpful as you evaluate your environment:

Questions that are helpful in evaluating your spaces:

Do you feel comfortable?

Do you feel safe?

Does your space promote productivity/creativity?

Is your space inclusive and accessible?

Do you have natural light?

Natural light is always best. Employees who were exposed to natural light reported and 84% drop in eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision. Studies have also shown that natural light in any space helps people to be happier, healthier, and calmer.

Do the colors in your space promote mental health and productivity?

In general, warmer yellow and oranges tend to be more relaxing and blue and whites are good for increased energy and concentrating.

Do the people in your space add to your mental health?

How do the people in your space make you feel?

Do the people in your space have negative energy or suck your energy?

Are there places that contribute to your mental health that maybe you need to spend more time?

Common examples include church, gym, golf course, community groups, nature, etc.

Are there places that decrease your mental health that maybe you need to spend less time?

Evaluating your environment is a key component of the Spire of Performance Model, a proven model for increased mental health and peak performance. If you need support with your mental health or optimizing your performance, schedule a free consultation today at

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