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Therapy and coaching for peak performance.

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What are the areas of your life

you want to grow and excel? 

Inspire Health and Performance was created to assist people and groups to define the areas in their life they want to excel and then learn the skills to pursue these areas with passion and endurance.


Our clients include athletes, busines professionals, entrepreneurs, and performers.


We also assist with performance areas such as relationships, parenting, health and wellness, career growth, motivation, etc. 


Regardless of your performance area, we have experts to help




The goal of PERFORMANCE THERAPY is to improve overall mental health and maximum potential in the chosen performance areas. This service is provided by expert mental health professionals who will guide you through a process of defining your performance areas. Once these areas are chosen, the Spire of Performance model will guide a structured process to assess 6 dimensions of your life and set goals toward peak performance.

The goal of PERFORMANCE COACHING is to provide motivation, accountability, and mentoring towards achievement of specific goals. This service is provided by professionals with specific areas of expertise and will utilize the Spire of Performance to guide the process of growth. Specific goals will be set and the performance coach will support you in your process of maximized potential.

Spire of Performance Dimensions

  • Physical Health                                    

  • Environment

  • Security

  • Mental Health

  • Relationships

  • Growth

Common Performance Areas

  • Business

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Athletics

  • Leadership

  • Performing Arts

  • Relationships

  • Academia



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MEET The Founder

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Inspire Health and Performance was created Jamie Glick, who operates as the founder and Lead Performance Therapist and Coach. As he paid more attention to the mental health and performance space, he began to notice gaps. Many traditional models of helping people focused solely on reducing or minimizing deficits. Jamie began to shift his practice to a performance based model that measured progressed by the increase and not the decrease. He also found that helping peope manage 6 critical demisions of their life, led to maximized potential. Out of this work, he created the Spire of Performance. 

Jamie is open to working with anyone who wants to experience maximized potential. He is a highly qualified therapist with experience working with elite athletes with the USA Olympic & Paralympic Committee and the NFL Players Association. 

Therapy offered in Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, and Indiana. Coaching available in all 50 states and international. 


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